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ArtOfWar Aug 25, 1:52 PM

@gmen3322 Stay within a long term mind set and be disciplined with your trading, it will turn around.

Stefan_G Aug 25, 6:31 PM

one more great video/lesson! ty vm for taking your time to help us, rly appreciate your engagement.

Gabytrader Aug 25, 10:59 PM

Thanks so much man, well done, easy to follow and understand. Great!!

moritz Sep 15, 3:50 AM

Very helpful indeed

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Ade50 Sep 15, 5:11 AM

Another great lesson, thanks again Jack.

Crazey_Canuck Sep 19, 5:27 AM

Thank you Jack Second or third time watching this very cool remember if you are ever in Fl. Delray or Ft lauderdale area let me know and we'll get some golf in on my way to the course today being Saturday and all. thanks again

Rak Oct 24, 12:05 PM

Awesome, thanks for going over your thought process, rules and trades @Jackaroo. Additional takeaways " Find the setups that work for you. Master one thing, don't try to be the jack of all trades, that's when you're grind or lose money. If you focus on your setup that's how you can go parabolic. Write out your rules and hold yourself accountable with a journal. Stick to what you're good at!"

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