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millerruth23 Feb 28, 6:21 PM

Thanks for the video, appreciate the time

Mali Feb 28, 8:01 PM

Thank you Kyle.

holtz Mar 01, 12:32 AM

Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this video. It was very helpful to a noob like me. Very grateful to be allowed into your thought process during this insane time of the market. Thanks again!

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vp_trader Feb 24, 1:13 PM

great vid Ellis. Thx man.

Trade2BFree Feb 24, 6:43 PM

Lots of good info! Thanks Ellis.

ArtOfWar Feb 24, 8:00 PM

@tatievj The guideline of the 20-30 rule is something I have studied over time as that is pretty consistent. I recommend starting with consolidation afternoon plays. Very clear and direct of what the stock wants to do near EOD. Ideally you want to start to analyze around 1:30Est and look for the break to the upside towards HOD. Review my videos. Plenty of them

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ducksgirl1531 Feb 21, 8:24 PM

@ArtOfWar the lesson that I see here though is that when it was a panic at the open, you didn't quickly sell. You waited for it to bounce and then sold into that bounce. This is why knowing where your support lines are is so important.

taiwan Feb 23, 8:28 AM

"focus on the money, you're gonna end up losing the money". Thank you for the reminder!

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redwagonrider Feb 14, 4:17 PM

Great job! Keep up the hard work! Onto our 3rd year

Stefan_G Feb 14, 5:36 PM

the moment when you decide to be yourself, and not anybody else or anybodys else wishes.. thats overall important, thats lesson for life mate!

9artsdragon Feb 15, 12:18 AM

More power to you!! Keep it up, i just started my adventure

Sky_Hi_Trading Feb 15, 2:47 PM

Excellent write-up Tommy!! Thanks for these encouraging words!!! This month is my 2yr anni and I'm having those same frustrations and thoughts as you in November. I will keep pluggin away for sure! Congrats to your "next" level!!

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skatermdw Feb 04, 8:08 PM

Thank you, please continue to show how the process really plays out, and the entry level verus the support level , plus what happens to the play went the SSR involvement!!!!

Crazey_Canuck Feb 04, 8:09 PM

Very nice Ellis, like the way you looked to see where you might be getting out at something that I had not been doing just picking numbers, not a good idea. So because the stock kept coming up to the 2.07 area dipping and not rolling over that was a key for you to get into the play so it was telling you that it want to go higher as well as holding VWAP. Think I am expecting to much. Anyways thank you Peace Out

Crazey_Canuck Feb 05, 7:16 AM

Thank you Ellis, Great morning prep video before market opening Peace Out Brother Lets Win

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StefanSchwarz13 Dec 30, 20 11:48 PM

Thanks Ellis for being a great mentor! I'm glad we connected in 2020 and I look forward to more learning and mentoring from you in 2021!!! Have a Happy and Safe New Year's!

Crazey_Canuck Jan 02, 9:42 AM

Thanks Ellis not sure why my comments are not staying anyways Thank you so much!

Boxa Jan 07, 10:10 AM

Thanks Ellis, love your continued honesty and transparency. Don't like to see you lose, but nice for you to share your losses with us and your thinking behind them.

LibertyBelle Feb 21, 6:47 PM

"If you are doing the possible every single day, the impossible happens on its own." I love that quote and I'm stealing it! ;-)

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simonfuture2 Nov 30, 20 11:43 PM

@Mono_trader great video recap matt. i am having some issues with cutting my losses as well. also gettin excited to trade without a day trade available. today i made a mistake i havent made in over 6 months. and i just entered into a trade without an exit available. dumb move dumb trade! deserved loss. i need to end strong in December by following the rules ALL the WAY! and stay in my niche.

donn Dec 09, 20 7:39 AM

Matt, thanks for your transparency and keeping your trades up to date! For some reason some other big guns quit being transparent in August and makes me wonder if they are having a bad streak. Thanks again, it is helpful to see your progress, and very motivating.

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