Taking almost all of my $$ out of my account as I realise that between Etrade issues and my absolute horrendous trading that I need to stop trading real $$$ and start paper trading and a lot more studying on the nasdaq plays as my dip buy scalp strategy just doesn't work. Lost around $6k today and am not happy at all. Maybe some dip buy penny stocks however ill try in my new Td account to see if they're any better but that's it. I'm an addict right now who needs a healthy dose of rehab before I blow up like on $INCC. Will be in the challenge chat and good luck to all!

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Chevon May 24, 10:11 PM

Thank you for being transparent. Losses like that are by no means easy but learning from them is the point. Downsizing and re-focusing is probably a wise idea.

Rx_ Jul 17, 9:30 AM

Thanks for sharing this Kyle, it takes a lot out of a person to do so. Hope you have a quick recovery and can get back on your feet

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haydengray2 Jun 01, 18 7:48 PM

I've done the keto diet as well. The results are phenomenal

Natureboy55 Jun 03, 18 12:39 AM

@haydengray2 yeah and it finally crosses off one of my main accomplishments in life: to get really healthy and now to be in tip top shape and my biggest and most important goal to be financially independent. GLTU!

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Haven't been trading lately as i'm headed off on vacation and don't think I wanna bring my laptop. Once I get back, i'm going to buy a big flatscreen and move back to my desk instead of trading from bed. Time to hit this with everything I got!!

Natureboy55 May 07, 18 2:29 PM

I'm back! Only did one trade on vaca ($50 loss) but will get back into the swing of things today and tomorrow hopefully when my tv arrives.

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DM4BigD Mar 15, 18 8:41 PM

Don't beat yourself up too much since your behavior resemble perhaps 50% or more of this country. The best part of your blog is you recognize your weakness and problems. This indicates you're ready to fix it. When you are truly motivated and committed to success your weaknesses will become a distant past. Stick with it you will succeed. No pro athlete got there overnight

mallcop2000 Mar 15, 18 8:53 PM

Best of luck, hope you find success.

Natureboy55 Mar 16, 18 1:58 AM

Thanks guys and sorry for the late reply (just got home from work) I'ts been a demon all my life. "i'll do the hw tomorrow and play video games today mentality." Recently, i've gotten a little better about it and will try my best to continue to make small improvements until I get where I wanna be.

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