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Chevon May 24, 21 10:11 PM

Thank you for being transparent. Losses like that are by no means easy but learning from them is the point. Downsizing and re-focusing is probably a wise idea.

Quickbags Jul 17, 21 9:30 AM

Thanks for sharing this Kyle, it takes a lot out of a person to do so. Hope you have a quick recovery and can get back on your feet

BillDubois Nov 29, 21 3:12 AM

Thank you for sharing this information. Your information prompted me not to stop there. I want to learn and develop daily. But when it comes to a business in which I do not have the skills, I prefer to contact the professionals That is why I often use the services of this company. These guys help me improve my business presentation and make slides professionally. It is an indispensable help for me and for my business.

brandonkoy Jun 05, 23 4:04 PM

the pain of size, not cutting losses quick, avging down. reason for my two biggest losses in may. glad you have this lesson

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Kody Mar 21, 18 7:23 PM

Sounds like you already know what you did wrong. Greed set in and you wanted more.

Masterplur47 Mar 21, 18 7:29 PM

Yea just by looking back again and again trying to figure this out and yes you're right good sir I got very greedy..

jerdei Mar 22, 18 12:02 AM

A bit harder with the smaller possitions but nothing wrong with selling a quater or half the position on a nice move up and moving the mental stop loss up.

Quickbags Mar 31, 18 6:57 PM

Great trade, but just remember to take profits and don't be greedy, singles add up.

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Goafter Apr 05, 18 1:15 PM

Hi Tim, congrats on your recent short with OLMM, could you please help me understand how you were able to keep stocks longer than three days, as I understood that after three days brokers can call back stocks. Is it because you Borrow stocks instead (at a cost). I am a new challenge student and not sure I got that difference right if there is any between the word shorting and borrowing. Thanks, Eric

TimLento Apr 05, 18 1:22 PM

Brokers can call back stocks after three days, that doesn't mean they will.

Goafter Apr 05, 18 2:49 PM

got it, I thought Borrowing stocks was referring for another type of deal. Well done again

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[TimAlerts] Hey Tim I thought about AMMJ o/n because it's the first green day, and if you looked back it has consolidated and in the past it has a habbit of having a second green day. some of the other cannabid stocks has done the same. What are your thoughts on it?


[TimAlerts] $OXGN reminds me of $SYNC similar intraday price action the day that it spiked, $SYNC started to uptrend the day that it had it big spike but tons of overhead resistance. But that was with the AT&T contract deal. With $OXGN news the odss are very slim

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