@Torkers Interactive Brokers are pretty cheap in the industry in general. Maybe someone is cheaper. I would suggest you dedicate a couple of hours work, creating a spreadsheet, with all the price variables, and compare different brokers. There are many fees to consider, so getting a overwiew in a spreadsheet is a great way. Also have in mind (if you prepare to make shortselling) that IB have way better borrows, than Thinkorswim. IB - TSW platform, also comes free. It can really pay to choose the right broker from start, so do the digging. - Link:

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The_Swede Jan 15, 18 5:28 AM

Forgot at work and in sweden market is open. To much on my plate atm. Crypto, stocks, blog, teaching, working, and so on.. Planing for the future.

Torkers Jan 15, 18 5:30 AM

Yeah - 12-15 hour work days always here and try to trade study 4-8 hours also =D

Fox_Trader Jan 15, 18 8:52 PM

go to your dashboard section, then statistics print it up and stare at it until there's a area that your good at. After that make spread sheets which patterns fit your trading criteria . ??

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Torkers Jan 15, 18 5:06 PM

@JKelly I do alot of swing trading but im not especially good at that - but havnt read about IT much either so theres something i will definitiy look more into. Im good at buying panics And dips - so my strategy

Torkers Jan 15, 18 5:07 PM

@JKelly is that right now - thanks for your reply:)

Torkers Jan 16, 18 2:47 AM

@vmunz Ty very much - You too!

battleground Oct 07, 22 5:17 PM

@StevieW The Swing plays are easier to spot for me. I do ok with day trades with an account over 3k, but on small accounts I need the swing plays to make real money. Just made a great play again. Was gone for awhile do to health reasons and now trade lightly till get my accounts back up

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Belve1965 Sep 09, 22 3:30 AM

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Frich1983 Dec 24, 22 1:12 AM

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Depeoped Aug 24, 23 2:32 AM

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