Does anyone rate Trade Zero over CMEG please? I'm going to open an account with one soon. I'm mainly a bullish trader, but after using Trade Zero demo, I found it way easier to use than Sterling and the commissions/account fees are much lower, but theres so many reporting bugs with trade zero..

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DBHILL Mar 16, 18 3:05 PM

Hi Bob, thank you very much for your watch lists and information.. Have really appreciated learning from you. Just wondering how a big a stop you use on your trades? Some of these breakouts pull back for a couple days, like the ImmunoGen you mentioned from a few watchlists back, pulled back and is now breaking out again.. Thanks again for your posts!

Turbobob Mar 16, 18 3:13 PM

On swings, the stops are further away than a day trade. I set the stops at major support and resistance levels. I post my swings on twitter showing the stops @turbobob129

DBHILL Mar 19, 18 12:09 PM

Thank you TurboBob

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@kroyrunner hey, Tim. I just bought Trading Tickers, and noticed you were using E*TRADE in your latest trade upload. Have any of your ideal brokers changed?

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StevieW Jan 06, 18 10:44 PM

@DBHILL TradeZero comes highly recommended from Dux. They clear through Vision too. Good borrows

DBHILL Jan 10, 18 10:32 AM

@JKelly Thanks very much, will check it out!!

Monopolist Mar 06, 18 3:26 PM

I'm from london and can recommend a thing or two. I wouldn't recommend using trade zero as a beginner as they require you to buy a platform in order to execute any trades, I have an account with them but pulled out the cash. I'm currently with suretrader and they're not bad, they sometimes have shares available to short. I also have account in UK's TDDirectInvestment and wouldn't recommend them either.

IceMan14 Apr 06, 18 8:29 AM

@Monopolist Why wouldn't you recommend TD? They have great customer communication and competitive commissions. You can't short, trade OTC, or p/m or a/h trading but there is Interactive Brokers for that. And their doing aa collaboration with TD UK I read also

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