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BullishBearishTrader May 12, 18 7:40 PM

So much information in this Conference and i've watched it probably 5 times already but every time i watch it i pick something up that i might've missed or even i already know but it's just great to be reminded of, I love accounting for Slippage when Deciding on your Risk/ Size, because too many times i miss my exit due to fast moves and then i get stubborn and stay in the trade or i end up taking a larger loss than expected, This really helps Thanks so much Tim

Willbee_Rich Jun 30, 18 1:38 PM

Great speech Tim. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. You are a source of inspiration. I say if you made it, there is no reason why everyone else could. As long as they are as dedicated as you have been, anyone can be successful at any certain level.

RWoody Sep 22, 18 9:44 PM

That was great. Thank you for sharing.

zaraza Jan 20, 2:49 PM

Thanks Tim. Awesome talk. Very good insight and advice.

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Tommy_D Aug 14, 4:38 PM

Watching this in August of 2019. WKHS was up on a Trump/Pence pump and dump saying these guys would save Lordstown, Ohio. 2 years from this video lesson and WKHS is still trading at low $3 with only 50 of these trucks being used. Drone delivery still stuck in FAA red tape.

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@kroyrunner: I am following your blue print. I watch your DVD and most of Tim Sykes DVD's, I really like your methods- how you slow it down. I read your blog on the daily, still having a hard time being profitable 3 months in on active trader pro with fidelity . Trying to built a 10K account o speedtrader or lightspeed level. Can you share the promotors you are watching now? Please email me:

hemat100 Jun 08, 17 1:08 AM

Promo is dead, may return someday.

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GUAMillionaire Apr 27, 17 7:04 AM

Went over this list w/my dad who's been wondering what my excitement for penny stocks has been all about. Used STT to show him AOXY and SHOR as examples. He's pretty impressed with how much I've learned in the last few months. Still got a long way to go, but thanks for the coaching, Tim!

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lombardo141 Apr 26, 17 11:07 PM

Don't mean to be down on your success my man but i took a look at your short positions recently and although you won that is a lot of leverage. On one trade you bet 59k to make only 6k. Just be careful the market is a bitch recently and i have seen R/G action in seconds. GL my man.

Ramice06 Apr 26, 17 11:13 PM

Nice post, thank you for sharing. I am new also 2 months in, trying to be part of the 10%.

TheGrizzlyBear Apr 27, 17 12:44 AM

@lombardo141 I dont use much leverage but that pattern i know VERY well and i added on the way down.. i was never in the red. if it started to go against me i would get out right away.

donebeingpoor Apr 27, 17 1:05 AM

Nice eye opening post. Please be careful.

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