$345 profit NBEV Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this stock breaking out on the multi-day chart, but on a dip of its day high, reminds me of MBOT yesterday, but better longterm chart, goal is to make 30-50 cents/share, not sure if I'll hold overnight hence why I'm buying it a bit early in the afternoon

Exit comments: Having trouble at 6.60 so I sold safely for a whopping 17 cents/share, now it is 6.69 as I type this and the breakout is on...congrats to anyone with balls, I don't have any

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coontrader Jun 01, 17 2:55 PM

No balls, yet Wealthy!!! $$$$

Latinatrader Jun 01, 17 8:16 PM

I think you're right by being cautious and admitting when you're wrong.. that's to have balls ;)

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ronemshoff May 25, 17 7:33 PM

Google UPS DIY to big batteries. I added deep cycle, closed cell, golf cart type battery, for about $250. Now have over one hour reserve with 4 monitors and all the other crap running. Of course you need to turn all unnecessary off when power fails.

Palmer May 25, 17 7:49 PM

Unless there is a city or block power outage you might lose a connection. I believe there are cable hubs that are power generated that can go out. Cell phone and old fashioned plug in phone always good to have. Always know the telephone number to your broker and have account # written down also.

donebeingpoor May 25, 17 10:17 PM

@Palmer Calling the broker...wow not sure if I would have thought of that. thanks.

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Scott_nowrealtrader May 04, 17 12:06 AM

Oh shit its buy the rumor sell the news you cant assume that ANY company is going to put out good news Its ok as long as you learn from your lessons remember NH blew up several times before learning how to be successful, Every loss is a lesson and most times more beneficial than gains these losses are just lessons in the long run and do not matter in the long run

Buccelli718 May 04, 17 8:07 AM

Hey man it happens...GOD Bless you anyway brother...as long as you live to fight another day.

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