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devask168 May 09, 16 3:54 AM

@Palmer I think you have just perfected the best thinkScript out there. I was already like "WOW!' this is going to save my hide big time and now I'm left in awe - and I still need to find the time to go through your other videos!

Palmer May 09, 16 7:33 AM

Thanks for the kind words everyone. I'll keep on keepin' on as things develope. If anyone wants to add any other 'days ago' labels to the code all you would need to do is add def yesterdayvol2 = volume(period = ”DAY”)[2]; under the line of code with the [1] in it and then add another AddLabel(yes, "Y_Vol: " + yesterdayvol2, Color.light_gray); under that original line but remember...I am using this to easily see the volume on the 1 minute chart per the opening area so adding 2 days ago and 3 da

Palmer May 09, 16 7:33 AM

days ago might not be that relevant...

Palmer May 09, 16 8:51 AM

And so goes coding...So if you are using this you see that it is not working. This is because I did not take into account the Friday to Monday weekend gap. The code looks for the volume from the previous day which was Sunday so there is no volume to compare. Stnad by later for the updated version of this...

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Fabio85 May 04, 16 4:59 PM

for my experience yes it is. the only think it is usefull is for gettin familiar with the platfrom . I did paper trading 2 times for months and the results are diferent with real world my advice is to just practice a bit with paper trading and traqde for real with minimun size so you can learn for real IMHO

ScaredTrader May 04, 16 5:10 PM

While I have only done 3 live trades, I paper traded for over 3 months. And in my opinion paper trading is ONLY useful if you are willing to learn from it. Agreed, the emotions aren't in it, but if you treat it like real money and learn from losses then you can improve your fundamentals. The only thing I'm struggling with live trading is the phycology involved. My fundamentals are still the same though, I just get too nervous to actually do a trade (although thats slowly changing)

speedhopper May 04, 16 5:29 PM

As long as you cut your losses when you're actually trading and don't open yourself to disaster you should be good.

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