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redwagonrider Mar 30, 19 1:42 PM

Nice wrap up. Thanks for posting. Confidence comes from experience. Don't force the trades. practice confronting the fears you have elsewhere in your life to gain experience in handling the conse

asfricksrs Mar 30, 19 7:56 PM

Always good to read your recaps about your journey as we all experience similar issues.. Thanks again for staying positive in chat along with all your helpful posts. Keep up the hard work, we will get this !!

Jakestocks52 Mar 31, 19 2:14 AM

@asfricksrs thank you for your feedback, and yeah i know that's why i post this stuff. I love encouraging others and i live by positivity. Yes we will!

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Rak Oct 24, 1:15 AM

...with #2

tyree7 Oct 27, 10:22 PM

Swell Lesson Jack

skatermdw Nov 06, 10:46 PM

Thank you very informative!!!! Learn the process to increase your r/r!!!!

Crazey_Canuck Nov 08, 7:26 PM

That was interesting using the mid as an entry for r/r I like that can not tell how many times I have bought at the top line and it stuffs on you very frustrating and you are so right about your entry. So important Thanks Jack

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asfricksrs Mar 02, 19 10:38 PM

Hey Jake - thanks for your post. I could have written it, especially your dance with BPTH! You posted a youtube vid with Mark Douglas in chat that I watch daily. I have been rereading his book also "Trading in the Zone" to adjust trading fears and hesitations as a result of them. I know you probably already read it - as did I - but the revisit has been helpful. Keep up the hard work young man! We will do this!! Thanks again for all your posts in Chat too!

Jakestocks52 Mar 02, 19 10:51 PM

@asfricksrs i appreciate all the positive feedback man. and honestly i need to read more of it, i have read about 60+ pages of "The New Trading For A Living" and i need to finish that, it could help a lot, i just study in so many ways that i start things and then dont finish them because i start other things, but i'll definitely will finish the book and possibly check out that book too, i've heard good things about it. I'm glad that i've been a positive addition to your trading career, i really

Arnau_Surf Mar 03, 19 3:19 PM

Will start making a month recap also in Profitly. Thx for the idea.

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