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bullbuster Dec 14, 17 9:07 AM

@enigmatj69 Yea there are some on his list that don't move. The thing I've learned from Tim is that you need to learn to be self-sufficient. In other words, be the guy that researches and finds his own stock and alerts others rather than the guy that sees stocks that other people have found and just play those. I'm not saying never use other people's findings, but just make sure you know why you wan't to buy the stock and all of the fundamental reasons behind them. Thanks for the comment!

enigmatj69 Dec 14, 17 9:47 AM

yup, and the STT program is awesome but it's kind of price if you'r not profiting yet, i was looking at a video from Tim Bohen and it's bad ass because oracle narrows down the stocks that are moving but again it's expensive if you'r not still profiting, but as soon as i can afford it i will get it, and i highly recommended, it cuts your reaserch time down next to nothing.

bullbuster Dec 14, 17 9:54 AM

@enigmatj69 That's awesome! Thanks for the advice! I am still going to be researching a bit on what to use. Thank you though. I think this communication between traders is very useful!

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