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Gregstar Jun 26, 18 11:38 AM

Learn from your mistakes and improve every day.

AlredyGS Jun 26, 18 12:00 PM

@Gregstar thanks for the comments very up lifting energy, im trying for sure too

Happycamper Jun 27, 18 1:39 PM

hang in there. If you are in the program it means you're motivated.

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StevieW Feb 10, 18 7:20 PM

Focus on finding a pattern on the daily chart and then watch it play it out intraday. When you make a trade plan, trade that plan. Make your own watchlist and don't just trade the Day 1 Runners. I never trade the Day 1 Runners unless they are breakouts. Looking at your stats, I'd say you need to focus on short selling because you have a high winning % but you have the same struggle as me and that is cutting a loss or letting the loss get too big and go for a ride.

StevieW Feb 10, 18 7:23 PM

Quit going long and don't force it. Focus on short selling and get profitable, then slowly work in the long trades. Watch Trading Tickers over and over and that will help. Or at least it did for me. Focus on overextended gap downs. That is my highest winning % from the short side and shorting the #6 bounce on recent supernovas. Hope this helps. Look forward to seeing you climb out of the hole!

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