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papajohn May 30, 18 6:30 PM

@Jasrai I started with about $12.5k, and added another $11k after I lost about half that initial amount.

richesndreams Aug 04, 18 8:40 AM

Thank you for this post. I have locked myself into a money-losing pattern. Hard to break stupid, bad habits. This post encourages me to stay focused on what DOES work. Thank you again.

NFlash Aug 20, 18 4:39 PM

GREAT article!! It sincerely was just the inspiration that I needed! Sorry to ask but if you don't mind, would you mind sharing a template of your excel file? Thank you! NFlash,

wlouis6853 Aug 21, 20 7:42 AM

this is a great post and thank u for sharing...

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@cole99 I'm just a little curious about your journey into the trading world. I'm studying under Tim Sykes and trying to figure out if I should even start trading while being in the Millionaire Master program (not the Millionaire Challenge). Are you training under Tim Sykes? And if so then how soon did you tell yourself to start trading?

cole99 Jan 26, 18 12:13 PM

I studied a year, self teaching myself, reading investopedia, bunch of different books, and just analyzing the market. Then the first time I started trading after a year in two months my account was down around 1000 dollars. Thats when I found sykes, and started learning from him. Now I am starting to find consistency. So I would say a year of studying and paper trading, then I would go live with very small size to test the waters, working your way up. Been trading a year and 5 months now.

mikemitch3 Jan 29, 18 8:00 AM

Cool, thank you for the feedback. I know that we are suppose to enjoy the journey but I always got that feeling of trading while you're learning. Of course that this is purely based on my impatient side.

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