MindfulTrades Aug 14, 17 9:51 PM

fuckin excuses bro! never put off your education.

LegalPimp Aug 19, 17 4:10 AM


Claymotion Oct 15, 17 10:32 AM

I have always wanted to subscribe to triforce and I am now in a place to move forward with this part of my education. I want your opinion, at what level do you think I should subscribe. I have been following the markets pretty closely now for 2 years and subscribing to Tim Sykes' penny stocking silver. But momentum trading is not my cup of tea. Should I start out with just his watchlist or should I go ahead and learn his algo stuff?

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TradingBell Aug 14, 17 11:21 PM

Thank you Mindful! Why do you see the need (what's the logic behind) to trade the algos manually if you already subscribe for the automated algo execution on Tradestation? Thx in advance for ur answer...

MindfulTrades Aug 14, 17 11:50 PM

manually? I traded some oil in the last few days as a discretionary trader because I had an itchy finger. Algos are automated, so now I'm fully automated. I trade tri's algos and also trade my own that I write. they are all automated, no more manual trading.

TradingBell Aug 15, 17 5:28 AM

My understanding is that the Algo Report subscription gives you notification when to enter or exit trades generated by the algos, and the HiveMind that you can subscribe to on TradeStation executes algo trades automatically. So when you said you do both it seemed to me that you subscribe to the HiveMind and enter trades manually when the Algo Report alerts you. That's why I asked why do you see the need to do both. Thanks for the clarification though. So do you keep your own algos on separate ac

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Flockstock Jul 25, 17 11:49 AM

Flockstock Jul 25, 11:47 AM Don't use over leverage .. The future futures will hurt you :) it's a revenge quest and the market always seems to get even .. Don't ask me how or why it does .. It just happens . Even the psychology of Algos can screw you up ... Sometimes this game screws with your head. Plain and simple ..

MindfulTrades Jul 25, 17 1:31 PM

I know right?! lesson learned, I figure I made the money once so I can do it again, but this time smarter. Also could have been worse, if I'd lost like a fortune I'd have probably reacted much worse. I like my algos that I'm running now, definitely not messing with my psychology.

Flockstock Jul 25, 17 2:06 PM

Yep. It's crazy sometimes re reading Steenbarger helps even tho trained in the field .. It helped me

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@MindfulTrades loved the video, congratulations! I'd love to hear more about your spiritual journey along with trading. I'm assuming you do mindfulness/vipassana meditation? I do as well, and have a feeling it can be connected. I'm brand new to trading (1 month).

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@MindfulTrades Impressive profit chart..wishing u continued success.......just came across you through 'triforce trader's blog link.. mind sharing your journey?

MindfulTrades Mar 21, 17 12:09 AM

post your trades so we can learn from your experience. My journey was signed up for Tim Challenge, then signed up for Triforce Training. Do what the teachers tell you to do, that's the lesson learned.

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