Tuesday 21 November 23 - I like posting on my wall better than blogging, with the blog you have to open the blog to see it. From now on I will just blog on my wall. Today was not bad and was not good. Got up early this morning and had $40 in profit in TCON, but TradeStation would not sell it for premarket. Tried for awhile while my profit was still in the thirties, but it still would not sell. I did select premarket hours, guess my order was at the bottom of the list. Finally I just cancelled my order and will let it ride another night on TCON, still have around$8.45 in profit as of right now. If it would go to 10 before the market closes, I probably will put a sell order in. Made a few small trades today, 1 loss and two small wins. Was kind of counting on that big win but could not get my order to execute.

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I'm back in the game. New broker TradeStation 5k cash account. Started a new job in June were I have Mondays off, locked into current schedule until June. Goal is to use swing trade strategies to build the account up to the day trade minimum. Once at day trade minimum start bidding on weekend schedule. Once on a weekend schedule I'll have 4 week days to trade and hone my skill while still having my guaranteed full time income and benefits.

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