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MishaMendicino Sep 01, 17 8:22 PM

lol, yep I get that too from my family.. mostly the kiddos

ZachR Nov 29, 17 1:23 PM

Just keep what's important, Important!

robmeyer May 01, 11:35 PM

Good example to us all Roland! Thank you!

Willbee_Rich May 21, 8:39 PM

Hard work and sacrifice always pays off, but always remember YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR ONLY TRUE WEALTH...Thanks for inspiring us!!!

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krs1 Oct 14, 17 12:23 AM

How did I miss this? lol ....hilarious....the ironic thing is, I've seen this pattern on BTSC

BMT Nov 14, 17 11:38 AM

And here I am thinking " Well, it looks like a double top to me" LMAO

ZachR Nov 29, 17 1:44 PM

awww the ninja slipper. a pattern you see when your sleep deprived. lol

Chen Jan 07, 8:44 AM

that's a gap filled

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[TimAlerts] out IDXG @ 7.50... $562 gain today, my largest so far (bandit) locked in profit play safe since IDXG has a history of failing at the open...

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With each day and every trade, I am learning more about my weaknesses and my strengths. I will continue to study, keep my spreadsheets and personal commentary to become a better trader... #Goals

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