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kFox49 Oct 10, 21 2:48 PM

I made a OTC watchlist of about 7 stocks I'm stalking. Former runners and hopefully some of them are sleeping giants about to wake up soon. Waiting like a sniper.

aaronmizell Jun 30, 2:46 PM

Don't Over trade! You don't have to trade it all! Let the Stock Come to You! Thanks Jack!

DDT Sep 05, 3:57 PM

Thanks Jack.

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LeviBlank Nov 18, 18 10:53 AM

Hey man great blog post, thanks for sharing your feelings and emotions. Keep your head up and keep working hard, great things are sure to come! You said it best buddy, don't just trade to trade. That is a problem we all have, so don't feel too alone. The chat room can be a great resource but try not to get too much FOMO when you see others posting trades and what not. Keep your eye on the prize and keep grinding! Have a great rest of your Sunday :)

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