Tunde1306 Sep 24, 2:51 AM

It's a bit rough. I stopped trading them for a while and I'm on penny stocks just to get the hang of finding good plays. You might want to start here. Options are nice but you need to have a solid strategy for them.

Tunde1306 Sep 24, 2:53 AM

Like it took me years to get better at my options selection but it got better. I used to just randomly trade a FAANG stock option every day because popular. Later I got better at searching cnbc for stories on early morning and after hours runners on stocks and sizing up the potential for continuation. I went from picking randoms to researching the top or poorly traded options. What started working was finding a good earnings play on the open and getting a call option to day trade as it should st

Tunde1306 Sep 24, 2:55 AM

still spike until about 11a.m. then I can lock gains. Or for instance how Terribly bad Roku traded in after hours this week. Expect the shorts to continue to free fall the stock on the market open and day trade a put option. I realized it's kinda similar to finding the penny runner of the day. You just find a big name stock doing really well or really poor and bandwagon what it's doing. Try experimenting with this if u haven't.

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