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dave1388 Jan 10, 8:50 AM

thank you! definitely have to make a video on finding warrants please :-)

GreyKnight Jan 10, 11:07 PM

@Greenspan see and search for Titan Medical, check their Aug 7 filing (TSX: TDM). 7,679,574 units sold at $2.50 each with one share and one warrant to convert at $3.20 on Aug 10th... hence why stock crapped out at this time. Well researched @Huddie! You are a legend!

canudropit2 Jan 21, 7:52 AM

Great to hear your thoughts on your watchlist plays...very thorough

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canudropit2 Jan 21, 8:03 AM

Awesome.... I've watched the bid jump to the ask before but never thought of it as a momentum turn. Thank you

Jakestocks52 Feb 03, 12:02 PM

i've watched this multiple times and everytime its great and i feel like i learn a little more, love live videos!!! thanks huddie

JMad Feb 18, 6:02 AM

I'm going to watch this tons of times so I can really follow the turn. Your videos keep getting better and better. Thanks so much for all your support and teaching as well.

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Jakestocks52 Nov 02, 18 9:09 PM

I understand why Tim says your Intelligence is wayy ahead of your profits, you're gonna be a millionaire for sure, keep up the outstanding work and thank you soooo much for ALL the content you put out there for us and thanks for your help/commentary in the chatroom too

Peachtart Dec 09, 18 6:24 AM

Can't thank you enough for taking the time to explain all the details of what you're doing. Leaned SO MUCH from this. Please do more. Thanks again.

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@Sierra3 just became a fully transparent trader today!

abadle Jul 31, 18 7:07 PM

@Sierra3 do you have time to show some computer illiterate how to get in and out of trade

Sierra3 Aug 30, 18 8:52 PM

in reviewing the trade history on this stock, the sector continued to heat up and this eventually DID break out to over 5.17. Do NOT give up on stocks that consolidate after failed b/o. keep them on your radar and revisit the opportunity again.

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JohnTrader Feb 12, 9:51 PM

Excellent video. I lost all my gains for the last 2 weeks today, but you learning from this and thinking your way through it instead of letting it get you down is inspirational.

rubbersidedown Feb 13, 7:54 PM

I consider myself too much of a newbie to go short but the lessons you taught here nonetheless make sense. Thanks for sharing this.

Jakestocks52 Feb 18, 6:44 PM

awesome video, great to see how well you bounced back!

Peachtart Feb 20, 2:13 AM

Thanks so much for sharing this. I could hear the pain in your voice. We've all been there at some point....or we WILL be.

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