Received 37 Karmas
Jakestocks52 Nov 02, 8:29 PM

"thats fucking malarkey" lmao, great video tho for real

Jakestocks52 Nov 02, 9:07 PM

i love this video, reasons why: 1. Live Trading is always an amazing way to learn 2. You're analysis of what you're seeing and thinking is just flat out Pure Gold 3. The video is long and so we have plenty of time to hear what you have to say, see what you're seeing, and reinterpret and connect the dots therefore we understand the logic behind the trading 4. the other bullets probably covered this but you just make it so clear what you're doing and why and its just amazing. I understand why Ti

Jakestocks52 Nov 02, 9:09 PM

I understand why Tim says your Intelligence is wayy ahead of your profits, you're gonna be a millionaire for sure, keep up the outstanding work and thank you soooo much for ALL the content you put out there for us and thanks for your help/commentary in the chatroom too

Peachtart Dec 09, 6:24 AM

Can't thank you enough for taking the time to explain all the details of what you're doing. Leaned SO MUCH from this. Please do more. Thanks again.

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@Sierra3 just became a fully transparent trader today!

abadle Jul 31, 7:07 PM

@Sierra3 do you have time to show some computer illiterate how to get in and out of trade

Sierra3 Aug 30, 8:52 PM

in reviewing the trade history on this stock, the sector continued to heat up and this eventually DID break out to over 5.17. Do NOT give up on stocks that consolidate after failed b/o. keep them on your radar and revisit the opportunity again.

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