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RouxBourbon Nov 28, 20 9:39 AM

Watching this video this morning. Took a look at ALPP and put on the 2 year 1 day chart to see where you were talking about, and low and behold we are setting up for a multi year breakout. This stock is in play! Gonna look for the breakout, but even more is the dip after the frd and the bottom sets in, I want to practice that long trade there.

RouxBourbon Nov 28, 20 9:43 AM

.44 was also a key resistance level in November 2019. So we may have a short into resistance opp here, imo what would be ideal is a breakout test, pull back for the shorts, then consolidate and retest the .44 breakout level. We will see. I am super excited about ALPP and your video is still relevant.

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BakeAndTrade Dec 25, 20 3:57 AM

your journey so I will delve deeper into your posts and other social media. Once again, thank you for taking the time to write and share the details of your journey and please know it has made a positive impact to mine (I am even saving it to read it over and over).

EuroAmerican Jan 06, 6:54 PM

Very enlightening post Mason and thanks for taking the time to share your journey. I hope you have a very good year in 2021.

Slavi Jan 10, 3:34 AM

I'm very intrested to know your criteria for buying breakouts and morning panic dip buys. If you find time in the future, otherwise great read.

Keff Jan 15, 1:48 AM

Great read! Thanks Mason!

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