Moving forward I will blame @timothysykes & his teaching for my growing success, especially trusting the process. AYRO, in at 4.99 out at 5.60. Your fault & I'm gratefulGrinning face. Now to watching lessons, studying, & reviewing to improve. Goal is to be his next Milli-$-Student. Major compliment to Tim and I will give you praise by blaming you for my success, and blame myself for bad trading! #wisdom

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timothysykes Jul 06, 20 10:20 PM

Haha, I accept your blame fully!

KarinaDLamb Jul 06, 20 11:23 PM

thats awesome, keep up the good work!

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@lx21 Gregg, your presentation recording on Tim's Trading Checklist series (Part 13) is an absolute pot of GOLD! Made so many connections. Thank You!

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RichardKnox Jan 25, 11:23 AM

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RamirezDavis Mar 18, 2:33 PM

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