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fittrader101 Nov 30, 17 8:55 AM

@LKOFarrell Thanks! I had my mental stop at around 2.00 so that's where I said to myself F*ck it I'm going out

SFKrystal Nov 30, 17 9:22 AM

The dollar amount is nothing. It's the percentage of the trade that matters. Personally, I set my loss risk to 5-10% and potential gains to 20-100% before I get into a trade. No single trade will make or break an account. (Yes, there are a couple exceptions - but that's gambling not trading). Being disciplined and trading consistently over time is the key.

asfricksrs Nov 30, 17 7:31 PM

Quickly, you got out...good job!

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KarinaDLamb Jul 13, 17 10:27 AM

Go to your home page of, there should be a tab that says " My Trades", click there ( sometimes you might have to confirm your email), you should be able to post by tomorrow.

Torkers Jul 13, 17 12:35 PM

Real Nice first trade! Keep studying and there will be alot of these :)

bmanrocks12 Jul 15, 17 4:12 PM

Thank you all for the encouragement.

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Self-Note: Motivated from my loses to focus only on Great Trades, waiting for the next great Opportunity. Won't be trading anytime soon! -with God by my side :)

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[TimAlerts] I would still get into RGSE - it has been moving up quickly and will go up more till 4pm

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