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LizLele Jul 08, 19 10:17 PM

So someone asked me that question : I paper traded for like a year. I am definitely under PDT , I started with 1k, I made a video about it. I started w 1k, and made 21 trades within two months ish and am at $860 now. I had a few good trades. I cut trades quick. Executions and fills are good because my size is small and I use Etrade. Emotionally you feel like your hand is in a blender and you are waiting for someone to turn it on. As you get better emotionally you see when the person who presses

LizLele Jul 08, 19 10:18 PM

"loved this episode, however - you never really discussed how going from paper trading to real $$$ trading is different. Are you under PDT? Curious how much your starting account is? How about fills and executions? I am about to go from paper trading (10 mos) to real $$$... Really curious about the real life differences, and emotional differences..."

LizLele Jul 08, 19 10:19 PM

"As you get better emotionally you pull your hand out quicker when the person who turns the blender on comes back. You take scratches instead of losing a finger.

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KarenBoughan Aug 10, 20 6:48 PM

Thanks. I am going to print that out and keep reading it.

bostrom Aug 27, 20 5:10 PM

you will be my motivation

scaredcynical Mar 09, 10:24 PM

@papajohn Glad I just found this post by chance! Roland's revelation about turning Grittani's shorts upside down is huge and so is your explanation of risk on LOD / spike pullback area. Thank you!

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Hey, Just a pointer - cash accounts are not subject to the PDT although 3 day trade settlement applies. GL

kjc9trader Dec 28, 18 6:16 PM what would you recommend for an opening account of $5000, to best deal with PDT? I am about to go into real $$$ from a TOS paper trading account... Thanks!

Jaykian720 Dec 29, 18 4:12 AM

Depends if you short or not

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Power Hour Stocks: What Is It and How Do I Take Advantage of It?

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phred Jun 11, 20 4:08 PM

actualy, one of the most useful - helps me direct my focus - which was somewht absent.I've been in the challenge forabout six weeks, still struggling. I always seem to be late getting to theparty. Etrade is very cumbersometo trade with. I've ost money just trying to get abid in - much less get a fill at a good price. Oh well, I'll keep at it - it is startingto make sense - this videeo helps a lot.

Grambo Nov 25, 20 11:15 PM

never thought as the first hour as a power hour but its true... Thank you for sharing

phred Dec 16, 20 7:55 AM

Not exactly fully transparent. I plan to keep current now, but I have a bunch of stuff from the last six months - not exaxtly on cocktail napkins but woefully incomplete. Last 6 weeks or so I have good data and will load as time permits. Some embarassingly stupid trades in there. I keep trying to avoid them but my "stupid" rears up once in a while and does me in. Glad to hve arrived at a point where I think this is a worthwhile exercise.

TheLostNomad Mar 28, 6:04 AM

This was like the best 5 minute video lesson overview I've seen.

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Crawltotheend Dec 12, 20 6:38 PM

Very inspiring. Keep going on the content. Good luck in your future trades.

brycetuohey Dec 22, 20 7:54 PM

Dom, your story is one that inspires me to my very core. I never thought I would ever be a successful trader, but I am now. It's all thanks to this amazing post that I refer back to everytime I personally struggle throughout my own journey. You are a serious inspiration to fellow traders. Thank you for everything

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