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LizLele Jul 08, 19 10:17 PM

So someone asked me that question : I paper traded for like a year. I am definitely under PDT , I started with 1k, I made a video about it. I started w 1k, and made 21 trades within two months ish and am at $860 now. I had a few good trades. I cut trades quick. Executions and fills are good because my size is small and I use Etrade. Emotionally you feel like your hand is in a blender and you are waiting for someone to turn it on. As you get better emotionally you see when the person who presses

LizLele Jul 08, 19 10:18 PM

"loved this episode, however - you never really discussed how going from paper trading to real $$$ trading is different. Are you under PDT? Curious how much your starting account is? How about fills and executions? I am about to go from paper trading (10 mos) to real $$$... Really curious about the real life differences, and emotional differences..."

LizLele Jul 08, 19 10:19 PM

"As you get better emotionally you pull your hand out quicker when the person who turns the blender on comes back. You take scratches instead of losing a finger.

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KarenBoughan Aug 10, 20 6:48 PM

Thanks. I am going to print that out and keep reading it.

bostrom Aug 27, 20 5:10 PM

you will be my motivation

zivvytrades Mar 09, 21 10:24 PM

@papajohn Glad I just found this post by chance! Roland's revelation about turning Grittani's shorts upside down is huge and so is your explanation of risk on LOD / spike pullback area. Thank you!

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Hey, Just a pointer - cash accounts are not subject to the PDT although 3 day trade settlement applies. GL

kjc9trader Dec 28, 18 6:16 PM what would you recommend for an opening account of $5000, to best deal with PDT? I am about to go into real $$$ from a TOS paper trading account... Thanks!

Jaykian720 Dec 29, 18 4:12 AM

Depends if you short or not

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Power Hour Stocks: What Is It and How Do I Take Advantage of It?

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phred Dec 16, 20 7:55 AM

Not exactly fully transparent. I plan to keep current now, but I have a bunch of stuff from the last six months - not exaxtly on cocktail napkins but woefully incomplete. Last 6 weeks or so I have good data and will load as time permits. Some embarassingly stupid trades in there. I keep trying to avoid them but my "stupid" rears up once in a while and does me in. Glad to hve arrived at a point where I think this is a worthwhile exercise.

TheLostNomad Mar 28, 21 6:04 AM

This was like the best 5 minute video lesson overview I've seen.

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PXS Jun 26, 21 2:45 AM

Just finish watching your interview with Tim and Jack. Looked you up and read this wonderful message, thank you again for taking the time and for sharing.

TessaLamping Oct 20, 21 2:12 AM

I truly appreciate you writing this and taking the time to help others. such an incredible post and talking with you really impacted me. I truly appreciate everything and will keep referring to your stuff. Thank you SO much!

TomLow Nov 26, 21 12:32 AM

thank you Dom for sharing

8Munstercheese Jul 31, 22 3:26 PM

This is what I need to read today. Thank you so much. I've been in the trenches since starting this challenge a couple years ago and my profit chart should look more like -40k. I'm doing everything I can to not give up and trade smarter.

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