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LizLele Jul 08, 10:17 PM

So someone asked me that question : I paper traded for like a year. I am definitely under PDT , I started with 1k, I made a video about it. I started w 1k, and made 21 trades within two months ish and am at $860 now. I had a few good trades. I cut trades quick. Executions and fills are good because my size is small and I use Etrade. Emotionally you feel like your hand is in a blender and you are waiting for someone to turn it on. As you get better emotionally you see when the person who presses

LizLele Jul 08, 10:18 PM

"loved this episode, however - you never really discussed how going from paper trading to real $$$ trading is different. Are you under PDT? Curious how much your starting account is? How about fills and executions? I am about to go from paper trading (10 mos) to real $$$... Really curious about the real life differences, and emotional differences..."

LizLele Jul 08, 10:19 PM

"As you get better emotionally you pull your hand out quicker when the person who turns the blender on comes back. You take scratches instead of losing a finger.

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kjc9trader Mar 09, 12:29 PM

Too Bad - I will try and see you on YouTube?... Do you post there? I'm not good with

calvinw May 30, 10:34 PM

Excellent job PJ.

Awesome Jun 20, 8:23 AM

PapaJohn, I have follow you over a yr and listen to all your podcasts. How can i communicate personally with you. i have a few questions you can help me with on my trading. Please!!!! you can send me your email: to

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Hey, Just a pointer - cash accounts are not subject to the PDT although 3 day trade settlement applies. GL

kjc9trader Dec 28, 18 7:16 PM what would you recommend for an opening account of $5000, to best deal with PDT? I am about to go into real $$$ from a TOS paper trading account... Thanks!

Jaykian720 Dec 29, 18 5:12 AM

Depends if you short or not

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ShortNSqueeze May 16, 12:14 AM

Thanks, read twice and watched the video. Never give up, the consequences are too high!

TonyG1 Jun 15, 4:28 PM

Powerful, Powerful, Powerful testimony as well as extremely useful nuggets of wisdom from a very successful as well as humble trader. Hope to meet u one Day Mate. Keep up the Good Work and GOD Bless!!!

Kriminator Aug 18, 6:21 PM

This post inspires me, I've lost this past 6 months getting to know who I am as a trader. I'm relieved to know this journey has light at the end of the tunnel.

davidkolton Sep 17, 1:11 PM

Amazing stuff! Thank you for sharing Dom!

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