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plumes1 Dec 16, 20 10:55 PM

When someone composes a watchlist if someone learns it’s tangible the author gets a follower then another follower. “May I be your follower”

TessaLamping Dec 17, 20 4:21 PM

@plumes1 I've never been asked, usually people just follow. if you want you can

plumes1 Dec 17, 20 4:22 PM

OOOOooooh I thank you LOL

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Power Hour Stocks: What Is It and How Do I Take Advantage of It?

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phred Dec 16, 20 7:55 AM

Not exactly fully transparent. I plan to keep current now, but I have a bunch of stuff from the last six months - not exaxtly on cocktail napkins but woefully incomplete. Last 6 weeks or so I have good data and will load as time permits. Some embarassingly stupid trades in there. I keep trying to avoid them but my "stupid" rears up once in a while and does me in. Glad to hve arrived at a point where I think this is a worthwhile exercise.

TheLostNomad Mar 28, 21 6:04 AM

This was like the best 5 minute video lesson overview I've seen.

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