Received 2 Karmas
Travis_Rios Apr 13, 11:46 AM

The morning spike is a regular pattern, but the second is one that I noticed on second green day listed stocks over the last couple weeks.

Travis_Rios Apr 13, 11:46 AM

Basically it goes: Morning spike, fade all the way back down, base out, then start to grind by up into midday. Since this was more of a speculative play (off the base), position was smaller than first play

Travis_Rios Apr 13, 11:48 AM

(As usual, on the morning spikes, first two sells are tiny, on chance of rejection. Might stop doing this, or at least limit it to one sell with a different ratio)

Jaykian720 Apr 13, 3:07 PM

Excellent trade + commentary

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