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kylecw2 Aug 19, 2:04 PM

@garbagemancjc I use StocksToTrade to scan for pumps but people also talk about them in the chatrooms as well. Theres usually only 1 pump a month so you wont find them very frequiently

shoeusn Aug 19, 4:49 PM

Did you just re-up your challange as you are in that downswing?

kylecw2 Aug 19, 9:46 PM

@robertfire if you are apart of silver then by joining the challenge you would gain access to all majority of the DVDs and access to all new and previously recorded webinars. The DVDs you can buy at your own pace if you didnt want to join the challenge but the best part imo is the webinars, especially the old ones done by Tim Grittani. Is the challenge necessary? No but theres no doubt it sped up my learning curve.

kylecw2 Aug 19, 9:49 PM

@shoeusn yes I renewed my challenge subsciption just after I had my second profitable month

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Kriminator Apr 07, 8:04 PM

Options are in books of 100, so for each 1 your looking at .05 times 100. but I've NEVER done any option trading. it's very confusing... I dont recommend going a complicated route for your first trade. First of all you need to expect SIRI to go up, A Lot! Second of all I just looked at siri, and it has that 50% off sushi effect 9/24. This is my opinion. I'd recommend buying the dips they look pretty predictable if you really must have your siri fix.

badesigns Apr 07, 11:04 PM

@Kriminator Thank you, I understand your input and do agree. The more I research and reflect, I do not think this will end up being my first trade. I will post any trades that I do attempt on this website. Thank you. You did help me a lot by semi-reassuring me that the thought I had of 'I can do better' was probably a correct one lol :D.

Kriminator Apr 09, 8:35 PM

its all a brain trust here, we gotta help each other along. I just saw you definately needed some helpfull suggestions. Keep an open mind about it, dont over analyse, try to find something that is good in your eye's and give it a shot.

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kobayashimaru Apr 07, 4:45 PM

Good post, I run my scans just after AH trading is done and the market is quiet. That gives me several hours to go over the results and then cherry pick the one's that look the sweetest to me. Also if I can't get in around the opening I will wait until the market settles down and for my its around 2hr after.

Kriminator Apr 07, 8:13 PM

your not the only one man. I happened to think to my self that .65 cent on a dip buy was good, I saw it do 70, thinking just that... this thing will break! instead I sold at a loss for .63 - paper wins are always a bummer!

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@RKrimm just became a fully transparent trader today!

Kriminator Apr 07, 11:19 AM

Some for the Glories of This World; and some Sigh for the Prophet's Paradise to come; Ah, take the Cash, and let the Credit go, Nor heed the rumble of a distant Drum!

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SebiSebo May 05, 3:57 AM

Hi Dominic, this is a great post. Thank you for sharing your story and tips.

ShortNSqueeze May 16, 12:14 AM

Thanks, read twice and watched the video. Never give up, the consequences are too high!

TonyG1 Jun 15, 4:28 PM

Powerful, Powerful, Powerful testimony as well as extremely useful nuggets of wisdom from a very successful as well as humble trader. Hope to meet u one Day Mate. Keep up the Good Work and GOD Bless!!!

Kriminator Aug 18, 6:21 PM

This post inspires me, I've lost this past 6 months getting to know who I am as a trader. I'm relieved to know this journey has light at the end of the tunnel.

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