I am doing a longer term swing. No day trading while I travel the country trucking and making money for future trading. I am on the Cathie Woods plan of all in on Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. I am doing a 9 month or more swing while I acccumulate. Buying $gbtc $btc $eth

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italTRADER Apr 13, 6:14 AM

i don't know how to use these karmas i receive them so i hit the link and here I am. I don't know if this is correct but here's my message "how are you enjoying this challenge chat room - I'm soooo hooked!"

Points Jun 18, 6:33 PM

Very insightful strategies and amazinlgy well put together thanks!

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My trading plan, protect protect protect. Take a loss if need be at smaller levels.

petros_rok_nation Jan 26, 8:05 AM

$IZEA just had a filing done for a 35mil at around 4 dollarish / Watching to see if easy money pattern presents

petros_rok_nation Jan 26, 8:07 AM

$mmmw / otc garbage like $abml / looking for a mass panic dip buy

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NHOptimist Jan 25, 11:26 AM

Congrats! I'll take a lake view (and the new computer set up)

MBrandt Mar 05, 1:52 PM

I'm loving you profit chart man! Great come back! Keep it up!

Jaysmoney Jun 03, 2:40 PM

Awesome setUp! how do you have to different charts on seperate Screen for stocks to trade? I can drag Mine out from the platform

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