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SIU Feb 28, 10:28 AM

@Stefan_G I didn't take a mental health day I needed and didn't do a single thing right, and yes now I have to climb back up slowly again, I have a sick feeling in my stomach, but the way the market has been, it's not a bad idea to sit out for now. Thank you for the encouragement!!

darrellwayne13 Feb 28, 11:46 PM

Stay encouraged because every mistake is an opportunity to learn something new, to get better and to refine your strategy.

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Very happy that now I can upload my trades from etrade directly again, because some of these trades would be really hard to report otherwise. In and out different share sizes and prices, multiple times. Yikes.

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ElleDiane Jan 08, 4:32 PM

Great post! Thanks Androo

AL_ Apr 01, 10:22 AM

Would you say that your strategy has remained fairly consistent since writing this post? Thank you!

Androo Apr 04, 1:50 AM

@AL_ Yes! I've just stuck to my rules more. I also focusing much more on Shorting than OTC Midday Perks! Morning Panics are still my main setup

Windwalzer Apr 06, 2:04 PM

Thank you, this is a great pep talk. It's like anything in life worth pursuing, you have to stick with it long enough to learn how it works and how to work it. I am enjoy the learning, the paper trading is frustrating when the platform is slow, or I push the wrong button, or I think I have a stop loss order and I end up with a short. Loads to learn and know. Have a great week.

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SIU Sep 06, 19 7:58 AM

I had level 2 real time data and a current chart, but seriously it's my impulsiveness that needs to get under control.

Kriminator Sep 07, 19 4:37 PM

Your paralyzed, I get it. But, review your plan you had going into it, as soon as it doesn't do that. Step back and say, Looking at this chart as if I were to buy it for the first time, would this be an attractive chart to buy. If the answer is no, make like a bandaid, and protect capital. Go Look at my PTL trade, F-me! but, I broke rule #1 I froze I waited for a bounce, they're a real company with phase 3 female viagra, bla bla bla...

Kriminator Sep 07, 19 4:58 PM

Here's my trade that makes me single handedly want to puke... still no talking about it, this represents 44% of my net worth --

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