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Windwalzer Aug 14, 20 5:54 PM

Finally had time to watch this, very helpful especially with the long and short strategy. Makes more sense with every lesson. Now need to learn to apply it. Thank you for your time.

Badgerjoe04 Sep 19, 20 6:24 PM

Really got the wheels turning in my head. thx for breaking your trading down.

Pruittbmop Sep 25, 20 11:54 AM

where can i find this video?

Pruittbmop Sep 25, 20 12:00 PM

i was looking for sept 1 webinar

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JGayda Nov 17, 21 4:45 AM

Thanks Ellis, this one hits home a little more hearing you say you hated that feeling of hearing others say we’re in such a hot market but you weren’t capitalizing early on in your journey. When I started the challenge a few months ago I constantly had that same thought and it would eat at me but now through your teachings my mindset has shifted its focus to what’s relevant to my journey and truly feel released from those unnecessary self imposed red light thoughts. Thanks again!!

karman Nov 30, 21 11:31 PM

Great accomplishment. Discipline is being rewarded. Thanks Ellis

DDT Apr 16, 3:43 AM

Thanks Ellis

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