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Kingsalini Oct 02, 7:32 AM

As always good shit my G #TheSquidad BEST TEAM MOVING!!

jefft Oct 02, 6:03 PM

was going through all your trades from the beginning today. Inspiring. Thank you

D22 Oct 02, 10:49 PM

Thanks Kyle. good chit-chat in there

reverselong Oct 03, 9:29 AM

Solid run down. The slower months make us better traders for later. Then when at a certain level, just take a month or so off i think is best. september just so frustrating and more like playing against your own demons. instead of the market

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Joined the challenge on July 16th, 2020. since that day I've dedicated and avg of 9-10hrs a day of study during the week and 12-16 hours a day on the weekends. I literally don't have a life any more. I canceled all kinds of entertainment subscriptions and listen to video lessons, webinars, and DVD's if I have any free time any more. in 28 days I have ballpark 250hrs or so in study time logged. I"m half way through Tim's DVD's as of tonight, and I've watched a little over 100 video lessons. All of this to say, it's been the most difficult thing in my life thus far, but as the saying goes. "Fortune favors the bold!" I fully plan on being a self made Millionaire sooner than later. I'm giving this the time it deserves and throwing my entire body, spirit and mind at this full tilt. Study, Study, Study.... now that I've taken this time to post this, it's time to get back to my next DVD. Thank You Tim for words of wisdom and I'm blessed to have crossed path's with you.

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Windwalzer Aug 14, 5:54 PM

Finally had time to watch this, very helpful especially with the long and short strategy. Makes more sense with every lesson. Now need to learn to apply it. Thank you for your time.

Badgerjoe04 Sep 19, 6:24 PM

Really got the wheels turning in my head. thx for breaking your trading down.

Pruittbmop Sep 25, 11:54 AM

where can i find this video?

Pruittbmop Sep 25, 12:00 PM

i was looking for sept 1 webinar

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@istolliver just became a fully transparent trader today!

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Badgerjoe04 Aug 11, 11:01 PM

sorry I just saw you messaged me. but I'm down to chat whenever.

Badgerjoe04 Aug 11, 11:02 PM

lol. my pages freaked out and I posted this on your page somehow hahahaha sorry. happy trading

ANDC51 Aug 19, 6:13 AM

@Badgerjoe well we can schedule a time and date because I have a pretty busy daily schedule, I am pretty sure you are the same, so you can tell me went is the best time or day for you. So we could sit down and talk or chat....

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