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msbta Dec 29, 20 8:11 PM

thanks so much

Crazey_Canuck Jan 02, 9:12 AM

That was dead sexy nice trade Ellis the process rinse and repeat beautiful. Thank you so much the live trades I see so much more Thank you Thank you very grateful for the work you put in. Peace Out

Boxa Jan 05, 1:47 AM

It's slowly but surely sinking in... I think ;-) - Thanks Ellis

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summary Oct Feb +10133 Mar +1416 Apr -13173 May +19871 June -4252 Jul +2487 Aug -15369 Sept +3839 Oct -15319 after messing totally up again, need rly to change now. less is more no option scalping not focusing on patterns lead to this desaster still way to much rnd, and scalp attends focus on, morning panics dip and rips aka gap and crap 11am bounces reversal pattern of recent runners all day vwap hold afternoon play will try to cut out everything else work on mind, fomo, chasing tops, bad entry to far of logic risks, respect the risk and take position size according to risk. i rly rly need to overcome this and change.

msbta Nov 01, 20 7:46 PM

Really admirable.

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BBaccSoon Sep 12, 20 1:36 PM

That VXRT play was easy money!! I've experimented with that "dead cat bounce" short Friday on KODK. Took a starter 50 shares pre-market when it was struggling to hold VWAP. Turns out that was the peak 'cause I didn't get to add any size in to a spike out the open. Will definitely dabble with this play more as opportunities come.

Cam_Yake Oct 26, 20 11:54 AM

$8k win. Nice trade

Crazey_Canuck Dec 20, 20 7:36 AM

Nice Trade Ellis almost caught to the most recent videos and thank you

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DocBrian Sep 11, 20 1:25 PM

@SassyB Ty for that insight. In fact, it's something I included so when I review this I can remind myself of my values and re-center myself when I stray too far from my vision statement.

DocBrian Sep 11, 20 1:26 PM

On thing @sarimanap likes to say is that no one is better than anyone. We are all students. And it's true. We all have something to learn, and if don't remember that, the market will teach us very quickly.

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@istolliver just became a fully transparent trader today!

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ANDC51 Aug 19, 20 6:13 AM

@Badgerjoe well we can schedule a time and date because I have a pretty busy daily schedule, I am pretty sure you are the same, so you can tell me went is the best time or day for you. So we could sit down and talk or chat....

msbta Dec 22, 20 10:53 AM


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