Hello!! Just averaged $CIDM as the future looks promising and I am bullish for it (screenshot attached).. what are your thoughts for this stock ? @timothysykes ? Thanks in advance

jaime72976 Jun 05, 10:29 PM

@MillionaireShags in my the pump is over on this penny stock but I am not a millionaire so who knows

jaime72976 Jun 05, 10:30 PM

@MillionaireShags sorry I meant in my opinion

Lukester Jun 06, 11:36 AM

Your an idiot cut losses

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Hello Atiqe you also inspire me which such trade winning percentage. I have a question for you I noticed you used Robinhood in the beginning of your trading career and your trades are verified by Robinhood, did you have the gold account is that why it let you upload your trades, cause I used Robinhood but I am not able to upload my trades into profitly and I am curious how you did it. Any advice from you I will greatly appreciated thanks.

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heidiv83 Mar 02, 19 5:54 AM

Great post! Thanks for writing this.

Sierra3 Mar 02, 19 6:57 AM

You bet! It helps me to learn from my own mistakes as well

jaime72976 Mar 02, 19 11:41 PM

Excellent discipline to follow the #1 rule

Ryer Mar 04, 19 4:16 PM

Rob, this is super helpful. I'm focusing on a few of these lessons right now, so thank you for sharing your experience as a reflection piece. Mostly, I appreciate your candidness: I'm the FNG (fuckin new guy), but even I know better than to take a speculative short on a Friday...in FUCKING POWER HOUR!!!!! I support your awareness and discipline. Can't wait for it to prove big for you soon!

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