I sat staring at a ton of amazing plays but didn't take any. I need to learn to take my nervous system out of it but that will come with time. Take profits, Use great setups, Be meticulous. So many great plays on $BLSP $REOS $HYSR $CIDM OBLN and many more. Just in newbie stages but learning never stops and I will keep studying to have the hard work pay off in the future.

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HenryCraig Oct 29, 21 9:32 PM

You cannot cheat your way to success.... Nothing can replace time, effort and experience.

TraderJP Jan 15, 9:07 PM

We need better promoters

mitnick2 Jul 13, 11:11 PM

Thanks Tim Sykes great video lesson. We need more promoters, better promoters who would eat the edible arrangements. Hahaha.

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$750 profit CIDM Long Stock

Entry comments: Speculative buy on news of new streaming network now live, thank you for the alert, lets see if this can pop, goal is to make 10-20%, cut losses if it goes nowhere

Exit comments: Zzzzzz, got a little spike but wall of sellers at 1.05 and every penny higher being a fight means I play extra-safe, this isn't June where this would've spiked much bigger

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RChen Aug 25, 20 12:28 AM

Nice trade. Thank you.

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didixiu Dec 21, 21 11:16 PM

Thank you Tim. Why 99% traders lose 1. Go for Home run, 2, don't know how to cut losses

Rhin0 Feb 17, 9:27 AM

Thanks Tim, lots of lessons on this one. Take singles, cut losses quickly....

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