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StefanSchwarz13 Feb 03, 1:41 PM

@JoeyrWilliams They have been, as long as we have a plan going into them. Both an entry and an exit plan. Yesterday I bought and sold VPER during power hour. I took a slight loss, more with OTC fees. I thought about holding it overnight. Looked at the chart from this morning and probably should have. I could have absorbed the dip and then watched it rise to new highs.

JoeyrWilliams Feb 03, 6:46 PM

@StefanSchwarz13 That's my main goal now, stick to the plan. Wait for the level 2 action to give me the sign, and make sure to pull the trigger! I've seen way too many perfect dip buys now to pass up any more without getting in.

StefanSchwarz13 Feb 03, 10:22 PM

@JoeyrWilliams I so agree with you. The PDT rule sucks though as it limits the amount of dip buy plays that you can choose and are always looking for the best one. I seem to pick the worst ones lately, or the times that aren't running or haven't taken the steep enough dips. I'll learn, one day!!

JoeyrWilliams Feb 04, 6:16 AM

They also seem to be bouncing faster lately. I have noticed I am often looking for just a little more panic, and then the level 2 action firms up super quick, and bounces too quickly to get in. Might need to adjust my expectations on these dips if it keeps happening. But, I will remain patient for the best ones. INKW gave back a lot its gains , but ILUS held up well, definitely one of the main ones I will be watching this morning.

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