MindfulTrades Aug 14, 17 9:51 PM

fuckin excuses bro! never put off your education.

LegalPimp Aug 19, 17 4:10 AM


Claymotion Oct 15, 17 10:32 AM

I have always wanted to subscribe to triforce and I am now in a place to move forward with this part of my education. I want your opinion, at what level do you think I should subscribe. I have been following the markets pretty closely now for 2 years and subscribing to Tim Sykes' penny stocking silver. But momentum trading is not my cup of tea. Should I start out with just his watchlist or should I go ahead and learn his algo stuff?

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Claymotion May 04, 16 9:23 AM

It had already traded it's avereage volume early in the day therefore the volume that you are looking for is already there. It's all relative. it's all a ratio. ECTE traded 659k shares yesterday but you caught it early when it had just surpassed its avg daily volume for the recent 3 month period.

Claymotion May 04, 16 9:26 AM

Had you realized that hough you might still have struggled with the psychological debate of wether to throw your money down on it. WHen you know for sure in the moment that it is a great opportunity that is called Conviction. It may take you severaly years to develop that sense. You may have to see these opportunities come and go many many times before you recognize it as it unfolds in front of your eyes.

Claymotion May 04, 16 9:29 AM

just as @communist_owl said above, it is a craft that takes time to perfect. Mastery takes time and commitment , passion and devotion, yo umay lose money here and there too. So keep your trades small and focus on learning and trading well and trading with consistency and in time you will have the sense of cnviction when you see a trade setting up in front of you.

Claymotion May 04, 16 9:31 AM

Lastly, good job for finding it! and maybe it will make a good run the second day. And sorry for commandeering your comments section.

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