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TimeFliesBuy Dec 23, 17 5:08 PM

Let me add too that I'm glad were both green still and that next year is going to ROCK!

cwood Dec 24, 17 10:53 AM

Hey man great insight, this is the cornerstone of my trading style. Risk management is so critical, but is often overlooked. I keep my avg win vs avg loss at 4:1 and it's hard for the account balance to not go up lol

TimeFliesBuy Dec 24, 17 4:16 PM

@cwood Still possible but yeah difficult. Especially if we're only entering specific trades that we know in and out.

TimeFliesBuy Dec 24, 17 4:21 PM

when I go back through my trades like chopper did, I often notice my win% would've been 80%+ if I hadn't took what I was seeing as "experimental" trades, but thats what makes us learn I suppose.

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kikibee Dec 08, 17 4:29 AM

Don't take it personally guys. Check out the 4 agreements by Miguel Ruiz. We got other things to think about than the self haters. Like water off a duck's back !!!

Noble1222 Dec 09, 17 7:59 AM

testimony to your character here good friend - only "met" you thru being in the room and reading this. look forward to trading with you, the pack and seeing us all improve our lives.

Torkers Dec 12, 17 6:40 PM

Real Nice post! This is so correct

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Duilio Oct 28, 17 3:30 PM

@Jonk87 Thanks, I already watch it 3 times, so I watched How to Make Millions 3 times, now I almost done with Trading Tickers, what do you recommend me after that

Jonk87 Nov 05, 17 9:56 AM

spikability and penny stocking framework

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My yearly subscription ended today. It’s been a year!

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LizLele Nov 01, 17 10:05 AM

I can’t afford it right now. Put all my chips into the nyc class. I do miss it though. It’s a great subscription.

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Chopper_Trader Oct 20, 17 6:01 AM

@Sanman Yes I'm sure it's a very common problem, I am just going to try and be more selective and see if that helps. Good luck to you overcoming this. I wish you the best. Let me know how you make out.

asfricksrs Oct 20, 17 7:15 AM

Thank you for your analysis on your stats. I will look forward to that problem when my trades (3 and counting) start to turn green. As always...thank you.

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