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asfricksrs Apr 03, 19 9:48 PM

Thanks Chopper, I always enjoy your posts and the wisdom your journey has given to you. I like to glean teachings by listening to the action of wisdom from mentors. At my stage of the journey that at times can constitute 99% of the traders in the TS world as I am a slow learner trying to stay in the marathon. Goals are always set for the next level...and if growth is not achievable then the scenery needs to change. I remember the first nuggets of wisdom that rattled in my brain, they were a

asfricksrs Apr 03, 19 9:53 PM

comment routinely given in chat that I had zip knowledge about - I can only hope to do the same - we can always turn off the noise. Thanks Chopper for keeping it REAL, just like Tim!!

aprilove Apr 04, 19 2:05 AM

so true we all want to achieve at our own pace what Tim has achieved. thank you guys

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$798 profit ICLD Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this new earnings winner off its intraday highs of .265, similar to SNES yesterday, but already up 200% so risky, but I think it can get back to its day highs and has a shot at .30 today so I'll take small position

Exit comments: Out with small profit as it's not convincingly breaking new day highs like SNES did yesterday and frankly just too scary being in a stock up 200%+ on the day heading into midday...will look at it closer to the market close

Mad_Russian May 22, 18 10:25 AM

I'll be looking at it very close...

aprilove May 22, 18 12:44 PM

Hi Tim how to subscribe to Penny stocking silver? I was able to subscribe to STTtoday ! Yay. Looking for paper trading and getting acquainted with the set up. I have waited for this time.

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aprilove Dec 11, 17 10:26 AM

I thought Stocks to Trade is offering Paper trading too? Coz I plan to use it so that we get use to STT.what you guys think.

puffdaddy Dec 11, 17 11:40 AM

thinkorswim has a pretty good paper trading platform

Lorenzo85 Dec 11, 17 11:45 AM

what about pre-market scanners? any recommendations?

popsmoto Jun 09, 18 1:06 PM

@aprilove STT does have paper trading. I signed up for the annual. saved a few hundred dollars. Huge difference in spotting moving stocks and patterns you want to play. Im up 8K paper trading after a few losses with real money, I went back to the drawing board.

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