@wkulmann hey kulmann vo wo chuunsch? I fange erst ah aber i bruche en schwiitzer wo mir helft en broker zfinde. chönntish mir echt helfe? merci

CVG May 15, 15 4:13 AM

Hey Wojnech. Ich bin auch aus der Schweiz und würde gerne mit traden beginnen. Welchen Broker hast du? gruss aus Bern

danijel Jun 09, 16 4:23 PM

hallo ich bin aus Biel und bin auch neu mit trade!

jamyangdoji Feb 06, 2:52 PM

can anyone tell me what's the best broker in Swiss

Moischeln Mar 16, 12:30 PM

Hi, Ich komme ebenfalls aus der schweiz :) klasse das man alle schweizer hier trifft

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@wkulmann I have a question about your 8ema and 20sma strategy... Does the candlestick need to be completely above the 8ema to enter the trade? or can it be slightly touching the 8ema?

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@wkulmann just a quick question: what is the average time you keep the stock? It looks that with the moving averages its more a medium to long term strategy.

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@wkulmann amazing track record, altough I see you have stopped logging in your trades. Don't stop showing your skill in the game! May I ask, how much is your avg holding time for a stock. Based on your track record I see that many times you like to lock in profits while still holding a sizable position for the longer term. Regards.

chatcat Jun 01, 14 2:15 PM

I also would very much like to see an update to your trades for 2014. Thank you for sharing.

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@wkulmann Hello Kulmann, My name is Patrick, I live in the Netherlands and would like to start trading. What trading software can I use, because I live in Europe just like you? Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Patrick

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A Picture to see my Strategy

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etipop Mar 14, 14 5:26 AM

@10talents not really

Zol Apr 03, 14 3:00 PM

clear and neat!

bartvan Feb 20, 15 5:09 AM

is this the only setup you trade ? and why the 8ma is exp and the 20 ma is not?

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