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MoonShot May 08, 19 1:02 PM

Awesome video John. Loved the part about " revenues, no assets, and no specific business plan or purpose...". LOL, but give us your money!

papajohn May 08, 19 5:17 PM

@MoonShot haha yeah that was funny to see that spelled out in the filing

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Pharaoh_trades Mar 26, 16 2:04 PM

@Turbobob Hey Bob, i didnt understand why you bought the long term position, and how did you catch the 4 double tops ?

Turbobob Mar 26, 16 8:17 PM

The stock was down from $40 but had very good underlying value. That was the reason for the buy I was watching the stock for a move above the multi week resistance level (the 4 tops) before going long as a trade.

Turbobob Jul 06, 17 12:52 AM

I use the 5 minute as I find I get less false signals. I watch level 2 price action which, to me gives me the same information as if I was watching the 1 minute chart.

JeanPaul Jan 04, 20 3:05 PM

Thank you TurboBob

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