@StockRealist Hey what do you think about CGCC changing there name to DTII ? says: "In Compliance with SEC Rule 17B Wall Street Newscast was compensated thirty thousand restricted shares, by the Company for media advisory services". i wanted to share the info and wondered if you had any advice on this stock.

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@StockRealist Hi StockRealist, how do you manage emotionally when going short for a very long time like what you did with IGPK last May 7-14? How do you monitor and decide to buy the stocks a few more days after?

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@StockRealist Dude... you're my hero. Love your SA articles and blog. If you were a ticker, I'd go Long. Great job on being disciplined in your trading. Congrats on the $100K+ profits too

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Ch3W Jan 25, 15 6:48 PM

Where's your blog at?

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@StockRealist How much money did you start with.. and how much knowledge of the market did you have before joining Tim sykes? What should I purchase from Tim sykes? Thanks! and Good LUCK

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@StockRealist You commented that you are being more careful with the crap pumper stocks, how so?

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tradetickers Dec 09, 14 8:06 PM

Tim just mentioned you in his latest video, "so the baby doesn't get burned" lol...Like your trading technique. Where do you find the stocks you want to short? Wondering if you ever look at percent losers etc... What's the average position size per short?. I tend use way too much money on trades and it's burned me...can be reached at or on the forums here....tnx

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