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Breezlybruin Feb 09, 10:07 PM

Great video. Some clear and well demonstrated!

HIMMENY Feb 10, 6:05 PM

Great video and great breakdown, come back to this every so often to refresh, very well explained Thanks!

VanDeStadt Feb 17, 2:10 PM

For what it's worth if you're a TOS user: You can edit the Fibonacci Retracements drawing to quickly chart the 50% line like Jack does here. Here's how: Dawings>Fib Retracement (looks like %)>first mark the bottom where the first breakout starts>Mark the top of the peak. This will draw several %ages. Right Click this new drawing>edit properties> Only check the 0%, 50% boxes>Check the other box closest to 1.0 and edit the number to equal 1.0>change the colors of the lines to be the same. Voil

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$TTNP I'M so proud of this play!!! had a plan stuck to plan, didn't make much $ but i got a lot of knowledge! I didn't let me emotions run and got out with a little profit! I'm sure it will go up but I GOT SOME FOR ME!

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@hannon just became a fully transparent trader today!

hannon777 Oct 12, 18 2:27 PM

I am seriously enjoying my self I have been in the challenge for a little over a month and I'm learning so much! I'm obsessed!

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