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Darbs Feb 10, 11:23 AM

I love this Kyle. I faced this same resistance when I said I was going to caddy on the PGA Tour. Although I will only be a part-time trader your insight is very valuable to me. Thanks and hello from Riviera Country Club in LA(I'm still on the PGA Tour).

farrelco Feb 10, 12:22 PM

Fair play to you! Thank you for that

Windwalzer Feb 10, 4:58 PM

Parents have your future mapped out with everything perfect. As I told my son, I had a vision of your life and you have different one. I will always support you, it's your journey. Thanks for the pep talk.

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kylecw2 Dec 18, 19 11:07 AM

@redwagonrider awesome you're realizing it all so you can be on your way to fixing it. Keep it up!

TonyG1 Dec 18, 19 5:16 PM

Good Stuff Kyle. Especially that fomo...Its no joke, its like fighting an addiction! tks

MoonShot Dec 20, 19 11:26 AM

Your videos cut right to the chase. Extremely helpful and I always come away with something I wasn't doing or wasn't aware of. Thanks for taking the time to do them!

Sky_Hi_Trading Dec 23, 19 10:00 PM

Wow when I first heard you say get your watchlist, find a stock thats setting up, make your plan and then sit there and watch without playing it I was like are you F'n crazy Kyle?? But then it made perfect sense!! It's actually right in line with the WHM and the cold showers/ice baths! Thanks for another great and helpful video!!!

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Congrats on passing 100k Kyle. I am brand new to the challenge and welcome any advice. Keep up the great work.

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