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Windwalzer Feb 10, 20 3:58 PM

Parents have your future mapped out with everything perfect. As I told my son, I had a vision of your life and you have different one. I will always support you, it's your journey. Thanks for the pep talk.

Lukester Jun 01, 20 1:45 PM

@stefano321 Why are you still trading with real money lol, cut losses, write them off on taxes and paper trade.

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MarvinJackson Dec 09, 19 3:58 PM

Thanks, that was a great video I was wondering if you could share or do a video tutorial on how you find OTC stocks via the scanner and stocks to trade.

Crazey_Canuck Feb 14, 10:15 PM

Awesome Kyle Thank you so much for dedication very inspiring Peace Out

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Sky_Hi_Trading Oct 05, 19 10:38 PM

Thanks for sharing Kyle!!! Great work and awesome message!! Dont waste energy on the mediocre plays!

Buckers Jun 01, 20 6:38 AM

Thanks for your time putting these recap lessons together, they are very helpful and really appreciated. Regards. I normally ask questions only to find my questions covered in later videos but I would really like to see a live trade, the thought process and the actual execution, if this is possible it would be appreciated. Regards

Crazey_Canuck Feb 13, 6:45 PM

Thank you Kyle some live trading videos would be awesome Peace Out

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Windwalzer Dec 26, 19 4:54 PM

These are good lessons to understand, I'm sure we will go through them ourselves. We will think back on this lesson and think we should have learned from Kyle's mistakes. Thank you Kyle.

Crazey_Canuck Feb 13, 6:14 PM

Thank you Kyle Trade well and the money will come Grittani says this alot in his webinars I agree 100% it's not about the money it's trading well being focused on your setups keeps coming clearer to me Peace Out

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