$796 profit TTNP Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought the dip on this morning spiker on solid news https://tim.ly/3jFy3ua goal is to make 7-15% on the bounce, ideally selling into new highs

Exit comments: Nice little gain in an ugly market, nothing huge, just taking a single here, potential rebuy on any big drop

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Windwalzer Oct 28, 20 2:44 PM

I paper traded this one, pretty closely to where you traded. Thank you.

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I have been in the Challenge for 2 weeks. I have started to consistently get up at 6 am so that I can study for about 2-3 hours before I need to bring kids to school and go to work. In the past I have dreded getting up early. Now I am excited to, because the learning that I get to do is so awesome. I have studied about 10 dvd and videos. Today was my first paper trade. $TTNP in at .41 out at .48. It was a EOD play that was holding its days large gains. .4 was longer term resistance on the D chart as well. When it broke its HOD of .4 I took the trade. My risk was .02 with reward of .06 to .08. This may not sound like much to any of you. But I found this on my own. Nobody was really talking about it in the chat room and the trade worked out the way that @timothysykes said it would. I look forward to trading with real money in a while. I will take it slow as there is a lot to learn and I don't want to develop bad habits. Cheers to all.

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NaughtyKoolAid Mar 26, 20 2:18 PM

@ScottSchmitz Thanks man. One last thing. Do you have any subscription recommendations with the Tim Sykes team? lots of products. My SuperNova came with 4 dvds (100 hrs content). Any advice for a new member would be good. Im new to penny stocks in particular, but not new to the market in general. Thanks again scott

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vinnitu Apr 21, 9:22 AM

great Video to get back to the mindset how it should be.

oswald Jul 13, 10:46 PM

Penny stocks tend to run when the markets are trending up, Volume volume volume, you don't have to be first, wait for volume to come back in 2pm , follow framework, a supernova has potential for a nice bounce because people will remember it, don't overstay look to make 10 or 15% then get out, play conservatively, Plays, that spike with big volume and hold near the highs

oswald Jul 13, 10:58 PM

Try not to be in these to long so you can avoid fake outs, bad news and who cares if it goes higher. Don't be greedy, have reasonable expectations, Thanks Mark!!!

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