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mynbtsa May 05, 10:59 PM

Thanks Tim, sorry I missed this one live but watched the recorded version, congrats on save the reef project , #awesome

5280Trader May 05, 11:48 PM

More people need to be watching these videos! The more you know, the more you grow. Plain and simple.

zaraza Jul 06, 9:59 PM

Thankx Tim.. Newbies can't handle the truth..that's why they think you talk alot of shit. The pain will set them free.

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($750) loss ATEC Long Stock

Entry comments: CHART trade example....this is textbook pullback towards 4ema which limits loss risk on trade as stop loss is 4EMA ......personal target mid 4's or higher if it works

Exit comments: out small loss...lost chart rules ...although chart green today and right at 4ema...would rather follow rules

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$90 profit ATEC Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this big premarket spiker with solid news, it hit $2 right around the market open, I'd love to see it get back there and possibly spike nicely over it for me to sell into, ideally in the low 2s, cut losses quickly if wrong!

Exit comments: No bounce back to market open highs so I'm out with a small profit, gotta be quick with failed spikers near the market open....maybe it spikes better later on, but I was only aiming for morning spike, later on anything can happen, so no dice on this trade

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Johnnorth Feb 25, 11:12 AM

Nice one Tim Dip buy and take quick profits small still better then none.

FRoberts Feb 25, 2:51 PM

Long as your making money good trade tim

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