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BryanV Apr 29, 21 11:49 PM

Thanks for the video, that was pretty cool and I've never seen questrade's platform before. This was especially nice because I'm working on morning panic bounce plays except you trade much larger size. Thanks again

KenMcA Jun 19, 21 10:57 PM

thats a sweet looking platform actually, do you pay extra for the level 2? Also does Questtrade have recording, or did you record that in another program? Thanks for the video Sean, I got right into it, I was panicking to sell right along with you 🤣

GrandTrades Jun 20, 21 12:05 AM

@KenMcA Yes, you have to pay extra for level 2. There is a built-in program in my laptop which allows screen recording.

Trozay Oct 16, 21 9:49 AM

@SeanLacap Solid video lesson and very good commentary. Thanks for posting

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RicoSuave123 Apr 09, 21 5:56 PM

Thanks Sean. Im currently going thru that and its depressing especially when im red every single time i trade after putting a lot of effort with my studying. Been trading since 2019 and im still not consistent yet. but ill get there, just a matter of time.

JHON25 Apr 02, 23 4:00 PM

Thanks Sean for the great blog posts.

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DDT Jan 17, 22 10:28 AM

Thank you Ellis

ao_scoops Jan 26, 22 8:38 AM

Thanks Ellis! Started going down the rabbit hole of you video lessons, then transitioned to a rabbit hole of Croock webinars. But, I'm back going down the rabbit hole of your vid lessons. How you and Mark teach and explain has really helped me a lot!

didixiu Sep 19, 22 1:26 AM

Thank you Ellis!

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GrandTrades Jan 22, 21 2:18 AM

@Gjohns8610 YES! Narrow your approach. Focus on mastering a setup that seems to resonate with you. Exploit your strengths, protect your weaknesses.

GrandTrades Jan 22, 21 2:18 AM

@Wallen2016 I struggled for three years. It's all coming together like RIGHT NOW. You will get there if you don't quit!

Kalanu1007 Mar 05, 21 1:39 PM

Thanks man. wow amazing.

brandonkoy Mar 21, 23 10:57 AM

master one set up ignore everything else track and small size

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Portillo11 Mar 07, 21 8:04 PM

@SeanLacap You are right.. this is a marathon not a spring.. it just that sometimes we want to make money faster.. Thank you

zivvytrades Mar 09, 21 9:07 PM

Great post bro! Congrats on sticking with it and finding your process! Very inspiring!

RichardKnox Oct 21, 22 6:06 AM

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Shaen Dec 28, 23 5:49 AM

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