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BuffRJ47 Feb 27, 3:02 PM

@Cweirich22 Casey.. My buy single is on level two when I see that wall build up and not get chipped through. I keep my risk very tight which leaves me swinging and missing on probably 60% to 70%. I give myself some slippage for example if I see a wall at .155 I will put my order at .158 or .16. Kind of depends on what the ask is looking like. If I can dig up an example with a decent explanation I will post it. If not I will try and get one recorded this week and post it where I narrate my t

Cweirich22 Feb 27, 3:47 PM

@BuffRJ47 sweet that would be great, so many plays I missed from not being executed. thanks for replying, I plan on starting monthly review I just want to make sure i'm fully organized.

Sia Mar 01, 8:14 PM

Thanks for the recap, congrats on the profit.

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BuffRJ47 Feb 26, 7:45 AM

Just an observation. Several of you trades seem to have low dollar volume. The liquidity on those are ok since we are trading with smaller size but the price action seems a lot choppier and harder to read. Your thesis is strong but I have moved them off my watch until the give me a reason to look back on these. I am not sure what your perspective is on these but I wanted to try and provide so thoughtful feedback. Have a great Friday and thanks for posting!

cstaff37 Feb 26, 10:53 AM

@BuffRJ47 Yeah the dollar volume could be a little low. To be honest I don't even look at the dollar volume just RVOL. I think the issue though was that the market was in a big sell off and volume is not going to come in to speculative plays when the market is in a tumble. My main reason for exiting the trade when I did and not holding some for a swing through the day was the red market. I think a week ago this trade would have had a ton of volume and would have been a solid FGD. I was just

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