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BuffRJ47 Feb 27, 21 3:02 PM

@Cweirich22 Casey.. My buy single is on level two when I see that wall build up and not get chipped through. I keep my risk very tight which leaves me swinging and missing on probably 60% to 70%. I give myself some slippage for example if I see a wall at .155 I will put my order at .158 or .16. Kind of depends on what the ask is looking like. If I can dig up an example with a decent explanation I will post it. If not I will try and get one recorded this week and post it where I narrate my t

Cweirich22 Feb 27, 21 3:47 PM

@BuffRJ47 sweet that would be great, so many plays I missed from not being executed. thanks for replying, I plan on starting monthly review I just want to make sure i'm fully organized.

Sia Mar 01, 21 8:14 PM

Thanks for the recap, congrats on the profit.

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