@tradetickers Happy new year Ash! I see your doing good based on your trades. I'll be joining the chat room again soon! Say have you had any better luck with limit orders on ST? Keep up the good numbers!

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@DerickD [TimAlerts] "Hey Tim, Since its slow.... what happen to JNUG? The 1 yr chart indicates a huge price difference from todays open? Not trading it just learning." useless reverse split 10 to 1. No more trading this like I used to

DragonBear Dec 31, 14 4:44 PM

Jnug finished the day on 24.34 it has jumped in the past 10 days from around 3.45

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[TimAlerts] $HGSH has support at 4.50s and 4.30s and we saw has major spikabilty so if could go to those levels good dip buy imo

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