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ZachR Dec 30, 17 4:16 AM

Thanks Tim b

goinhamm May 03, 18 9:14 AM


ZiggysMom Jul 11, 18 11:34 AM

Noting to have a plan and put your thoughts down on paper. G/R midday-lateday is a good short. Don't fight the trend. Near HODs tend to gap up. Weak open red to green, buy only when it's green.

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-$110 loss ACHN Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this morning spiker off its highs in the 5.60s, solid multi-month breakout above 5.20, goal is to sell in the 5.60s or maybe 5.70s, nothing huge, FAST mover so be careful, dip buys only

Exit comments: Rule #1 cut losses quickly, this is a speculative stock that is not continuing its breakout very well so I play it safe, not a truly great entry in the first place, small position, loss of $100 is fine, potential re-buy later today if it can continue to hold the 5.20 breakout

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sontop1980 Aug 09, 17 10:21 AM

i think that the traders and investors don't see premarket charts often so for them the supoort is at 8.20 not 8.40 premarket

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[SuperAlerts] Both TRIL and $ACHN seem like overreaction to finding dose limiting toxicities. We find them for every drug, then back off the dose so we don't get the toxicities. It's why we do phase I studies.

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