OTHER COMMENTS AND NOTES: 1. Should never take full position size like that on front side of move or even on a first green day stock. Also, the risk is based off of 10000 shares. keep in mind a position size like that means that it is an A+ set up for me with solid tight risk. on average i am taking 5000 share positions.

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cottage242 Jan 20, 6:21 PM

I disagree with you. When you sit and watch yourself allow a $60K loss, then you need to step back for a bit and take a smaller size. It's easy to say you know why after it happens, but consider another possibility that maybe you were in too many trades at one time? Just food for thought and I bet your 2021 is going to be record for you.

ATXTrader Jan 20, 6:26 PM

good explanation of how shorting can produce extra large losses. Thanks.

Faizi Jan 20, 8:25 PM

nice video - am still learning but on a losing train so far. but good lesson

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